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Vivid Colors Operation! is an anime dubbed by 4Kids. It's based off of Vividred Operation.


Alex Reed - Akane Isshiki

Grace Fuller - Aoi Futaba

Laura Mills - Wakaba Seagusa

Sonny TeckWood - Himawari Shinomiya

Raina Jinx - Rei Kuroki

Name Changes[]

All weapons have the name 'Naked' removed from them and replaced with their users respective color.

Red Rang - Naked Rang

Blue Hammer - Naked Impact

Green Glaive - Naked Blade

Yellow Braces - Naked Collider

Several changes have been made to the plot as well.

In the original, not much was known about the Alone aside from the fact of their lust for chaos and destruction. In VCP, The Alone (renamed Energy Finders) want to steal all the energy from the Manifestation Engine for themselves. Also, Kenjiru did trade places with a stuffed animal, it was noted he put his body in a labrotory catacomb, not the fridge. Also, all scenes with up and close butts, breasts, or other sexually vivid appearances were cut or edited. This caused many dialige changes, as most characters tend to speak within the butt scenes. Sonny's breasts were toned down and didn't bounce as much. Episode 6 was completely cut our because of the constant footage of they 'lady parts'.