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Episode Appearances[]

Used in Trophy[]

  • "Quest of the Luigi"
  • "The Wrath of Palutena"
  • "Game On"
  • "Bad Moose Rising"
  • "The Battle of Mario"

Appears in Field[]

  • "Angie's Got a Brand New Trophy"
  • "The Eye of Trip"
  • "The Last Forever"
  • "Burning Crusade
  • "The Return of Wario-Man"
  • "Eye of the Mercy"
  • "When Penguin Smash"
  • "Four Swords Adventures"
  • "Guardian of the Jungle"
  • "B is for Battlefield"
  • "J is for Jersey"
  • "V is for Victory"
  • "8 Mile"
  • "Enterprise"
  • "A Crack in Time"
  • "Eye of the Beholder"
  • "Stop, The Pressed"
  • "Hyrule Castle or Bust"
  • "Advent of the Evil King"
  • "Blades of the Quick and Mighty"
  • "The Monster Beneath the Earth"
  • "An Offering of Coins"
  • "Wrecking Mario"
  • "Balancing Act"
  • "Guilt for Free"
  • "Return to Hyrule Castle"
  • "What Are Girl Made Of"
  • "Son of the Battlefield"
  • "The Super Smash Bros. Movie"