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Spells of Rebellion is a proclaimed finale trilogy of the dubbed series Magical Molly. The last 3 Episodes were retooled & dubbed from the popular film Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story.

According to insanity-peggy's version of the parody, the film was released in theaters in Fall 2013. It later premired on 4kids in March for 2014.  However, according to Xyuehong's version, the dub was finished, but it was taken down due to the finale trilogy being too graphic. The series' script & production notes were recoved from the guide book: Magical Molly! The Complete Works.


  • Illusion (Episode 13)
  • False Happiness (Episode 14)
  • Finale: Rebellion (Episode 15)


  • The film/finale trilogy had the working title "The Final Nightmare".

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