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SCISSORlaSCISOOR is a parody by insanitty-peggy (http://4kidsentertainmentoffcial.tumblr.com/ ) It is a parody of KILLlaKILL.


Riley Witsoors just joined the super cool Star Academy! But, she’s there on a mission. She has a half of a legendary pair of scissors. She must find the other half to find her missing father. They say the academy’s student council president, Stacey Kellson, holds the other half! Her new best friend, Malory Mitchel will guide her along the way! Stacey Kellson is the student council president of Star Academy. But, since her family owns the school, they gave her all the power! Stacey gave certain members of the student body special uniforms called the Star Uniforms, which give them special powers. The only thing that can fight the Star Uniforms is Riley’s scissors. Can she find the other half in time? 

Get ready for the cutting-edge action of SCISSORlaSCISSOR on 4kids!