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Pop Star School Project! Sunshine! Is the sequel to Pop Star School Project. The 4kids dub of Love Live! Sunshine.

Pop Star School Project! Sunshine!
Pssps ocean aqours.jpg
Kanji ラブライブ! サンシャイン!! (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
TV Series information
Episodes 13 (2 Seasons)
Opening Theme Blue Skies Jumping Heart
Closing Theme Let's Sing For Our Dream

Just like the original series, Pop Star School Project, Pop Star School Project Sunshine has a second season.


Meet Angelina, a girl who was inspired by Harmony Muse to become pop stars. Angelina and her friends, Ocean Aqours, have a long way to becoming a great pop star like Harmony Muse!



Her nickname is 'Angel'. She formed Ocean Aqours to be just like Harmony Muse! Angel is always energetic and hardworking! Her favorite food is Oranges.


Since her Father is a sailor, Eva often talks like a sailor too! Her best friend is Angelina! (She was a bit jealous when Carly joined Ocean Aqours though!) Her catchphrase is "Aye Aye!".


A girl who used to go to Harmony Muse's school, Carly met Angel by the beach. Carly calls herself pretty normal than the other members.


A girl who loves School Pop Stars a lot! She is Leslie's little sister. Just like Leslie, Lillian is a big fan of Harmony Muse.


As she grew up in a old temple, Mandy does not know a lot about technology. Mandy loves eating...alot.





Edits and Changes[]

  • Of course, the names were changed into english ones.
  • The songs were going to be replaced by new ones, but instead, they decided to keep the original songs, and translate/dub them to english (similar to the BanG Dream dub)