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Join Amy as she learns to follow her dreams!

- Official tagline


Amy Dunningham is an ordinary girl who's life is the best! ...Or so everyone else thinks. Behind that cold stare and go-with-the-flow attitude is a shy crybaby who wants nothing more than for everyone to accept who she REALLY is!

But one night, as she makes a wish on a shooting star, she suddenly wakes up the next morning to find three eggs on her pillow!

Apparently three fairies will hatch from these eggs: Raye, the fairy of sports, Miley, the fairy of art, and Sue Marie, the fairy of cooking!

Will Amu survive school? Will everyone accept her? And will Raye stop taking for ONE SECOND?!

Name Changes[]

Amu Hinamori - Amy Dunningham

Ran - Raye

Miki - Miley

Su - Sue Marie

Dia - Bea

Tadese Hotori - Aiden Neice