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 Episode Appearances[]

  • "Poop" (Pokemon)
  • "Particular Source 2" (SpongeBob Squarepants)
  • "Unexpected" (We'll Be Right Back)
  • "Scream" (Scream!)
  • "Flood" (Klasky Csupo)
  • "EXE" (Barney Error)
  • "Castle Bodhran" (Scream!)
  • "Schoolthass" (We'll Be Right Back)
  • "Battle Lesson" (ATHF)
  • "Shifting Sands" (Pokemon)
  • "Fallen Hero" (Cornwell Kween)
  • "A Fearsome Fate" (Barney Error)
  • "Maze of Menace" (We'll Be Right Back)
  • "Gun Strikes Back" (Scream!)
  • "The Codemaster" (The Pirate Chronicles)
  • "A Flux Too Far" (Nintendo)
  • "Trading Cards" (ATHF)
  • "Dusk Duel" (DHMIS)
  • "Fighting Friendly" (More DHMIS)
  • "A Rare Hazard" (We'll Be Right Back)
  • "Dangers of Diplomacy" (SpongeBob Squarepants)
  • "Chaor's Commandos" (Barney Error)
  • "Mega Match" (Cornwell Kween)
  • "Tale of Two Toms" (Super Bowl my Place)
  • "Blight Fight" (Pintch That's Chaotic)
  • "Mister E" (ATHF)
  • "Raznus Returns" (Barney Error)
  • "Last Stand" (Cornwell Kween)
  • "Legions of Aa'une" (Pintch That's Chaotic)
  • "Perithon!" (Super Bowl my Place)
  • "Hottek's Challenge" (DHMIS)
  • "Son of the Spiritlands" (Goodbye song)