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Trophy Owners[]

Dan Tsukumo (seen in all episodes)


# Episode Used in Trophy? Appearance in Field? 1 The Battle Begins Yes No
2 Expected Yes No
3 The Talented to Link Yes No
4 The Solid Snake of the Gear Yes No
5 Kingdom Hearts Yes No
6 The Thing About Pit Yes No
7 Tropic Thunder Yes Yes
8 Jackpot Yes Yes
9 Trouble on Sarasaland Yes Yes
10 Quest of the Luigi Yes Yes
11 Rayman on the Loose Yes No
12 The Legend of Mario Fireball: Part 1 Yes No
13 The Legend of Mario Fireball: Part 2 Yes No
14 Dillon Strikes Yes No
15 The Secrets of Skyloft Yes No
16 Cave of Bad Dreams Yes No
17 Duck Hunt! Yes Yes
18 The Birth of the Victory Yes Yes
19 Angie's Got a Brand New Trophy Yes Yes
20 The Lost Chronicles Yes No
21 Boxing Ring Yes No
22 League of Dedede Yes No
23 Super Smash Crisis No Yes
24 Fallen Hero Yes Yes
25 The Eye of Trip Yes Yes
26 The Missing Link Yes Yes
27 Double Trouble Kings Yes Yes
28 Captain of the Guard Yes Yes
29 Mario's on Fire! Yes No
30 The Battlefield Fortress Yes Yes