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Magical Pleiades is a 4kids dub of the anime, Wish Upon The Pleiades.

Magical Pleiades
Magical Pleiades 4kids poster.jpg
Kanji 放課後のプレアデス (Hōkago no Pureadesu)
TV Series information
Episodes 4 (original series), 12 (main series)
Studio 4Kids

Due to the original anime having a ONA and a TV series, the ONA episodes are known as the pilot episodes for the 4kids version, and the TV series is known as the official series for the 4kids version.


Meet Subaru, a girl who loves watching the stars. One day while trying to find the observation room, she ends up meeting a boy named Max, and other girls who have powers, to take their magical friend, The Pleiadian back to his home!


  • Subaru
  • Amelia
  • Ellen
  • Rita
  • Rachel
  • Max
  • The Pleiadian


  • Subaru's name was originally going to be 'Shelby'