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Fairy Tail is an upcoming series distributed by 4Kids and A-1 Pictures.


Like the One Piece dub, names wouldn't be changed at all. But some of the very little names would change.

  • They’d have a rap similar to One Piece’s rap. Actually, the whole music would be recycled and the rap would have similar lyrics to them.
  • Lisanna is not stated as “deceased”, but rather went on a quest as per Makarov’s request, and “somehow” ended up in Edolas. Edolas Lisanna isn’t even dead either, she just “ran away because she felt she didn’t belong there”, and the Edolas Fairy Tail knew it wasn’t really her.
  • Cana carries a whole gallon of…juice…in a barrel…?  In addition she will wear a shirt over her bikini top.
  • All of the fanservice scenes will be censor.
  • Scenes of Gray scripping his clothes will be censor. Instead when he takes his shirt off he will wear an undershirt.
  • Wakaba mine will suck on a lollipop instead of smoking.
  • Cancer's name will become cut instead of cancer.
  • Erza's name will be Elsa instead of Erza.
  • Zeref will be changed from a "Black Mage" to a "Dark Mage".  In addition, instead of Zeref killing all livng things around him, he will scare all living this around him.
  • The fight between Mirajane and Jenny in the Grand Magic Games will be skipped and they will just confirm that Mirajane won.
  • Alzack and Bisca will wield slingshots instead of guns