Episode Appearances

  • "Trouble on Sarasaland" (first appearance)
  • "The Missing Link"
  • "The Curse of the Were Robin"
  • "Wrath of the Lich King"
  • "World Warriors"
  • "The Falchion's Seal"
  • "Four Swords Adventures"
  • "The Demon King and the Goddess"
  • "All the News"
  • "Being Human"
  • "The Heist"
  • "Shapeshifter"
  • "Framed"
  • "An Skyloft Mess"
  • "The Underwater Mines"
  • "Advent of the Evil King"
  • "A Situation of Some Gravity"
  • "Bird in Darkest Night"
  • "Sheik Out"
  • "Son of the Battlefield"
  • "The Super Smash Bros. Movie"
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